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IJBS Volume 9-2 (July, 2012)

"Identity is a dream pathetic in its absurdity" (Baudrillard. Paroxysm, New York: Verso, 1998:49).


Helen Frankenthaler -- Safest When At Risk.



Jonathan Beever. Violence, Terrorism, and the Symbolic Response.

Scott Koslow. Occupy Wall Street: Sippin' on Jesus Juice with Genet and Baudrillard.

Ljubica Ilic. Did the World Begin in Eden and End in Los Angeles? A Discussion of Cobussen, Music, and Spirituality.

Paul O'Mahoney. Notes on the idea of "L'Illusion Vitalle".

Mani Tadayon. From The Battle of Algiers to Alien vs. Predator: Philosophical Approaches to the Globalization of Terror.

Joel Weinbrot. The Baudrillardian Object.


Baudrillard on the Web

Various Recent Web-Postings Concerning Baudrillard.

Review Essay

Paul O'Mahoney. Ecce Idolum: Review of Ashely Woodward (Editor). Interpretuing Nietzsche: Reception and Influence. London: Continuum, 2011.

Book Review

Raimondas Baluzis. Review of Paul Taylor's Zizek and the Media.


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