Volume Four, Number Two      (July 2007)

"Where danger increases, there grows also that which saves," says Holderlin. It is the opposite today: In the excess of security lies extreme peril. (Jean Baudrillard. Cool Memories V: 2000-2004. London: Polity, 2006).



Selections From Books By And About Baudrillard

Book Reviews

Andrew Burdeniuk. A Not So Aberrant Review. Review of Gary Genosko, Félix Guattari: An Aberrant Introduction. New York: Continuum, 2002.

Gerry Coulter. “Theory is never so fine as when it takes the form of a fiction or a fable”. Review of Jean Baudrillard. Cool Memories V. London: Polity, 2006.

Bülent Evre. A Challenge to Baudrillard’s Understanding of Integral Reality. Review of Jean Baudrillard. The Intelligence of Evil or, The Lucidity Pact. New York: Berg, 2005.

Sam Han. Tracking a Convergence Beyond Postmodernism. Review of Charles Lemert. Postmodernism Is Not What You Think: Why Globalization Threatens Modernity (2nd Edition). Boulder, Colorado: Paradigm Publishers, 2005; and Anthony Elliot. Subject toOurselves: Social Theory, Psychoanalysis, and Postmodernity (2nd Edition). Boulder, Colorado: Paradigm Publishers, 2004.

Dean Lockwood. Grasping The Lessons Of Failure. Review of William Merrin’s Baudrillard and the Media: A Critical Introduction. Cambridge: Polity, 2005.

Pramod Nayar. Old Perspectives On New Technologies. Review of David Silver and Adrienne Massanari (Editors). Critical Cyberculture Studies. New York University Press, 2006.

Books available for review

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