Volume One, Number One     (January 2004)



Gerry Coulter Launching IJBS


Jean Baudrillard  This is the Fourth World War: The Der Spiegel Interview After 9-11. Translated by Samir Gandesha with an Introduction: Have You Seen the War? by Gary Genosko

Victoria Grace  Baudrillard and the Meaning of Meaning.

Gerry Coulter  The Prospects of Fanaticism and Terrorism: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Osama bin Laden and Jean Baudrillard in Virtual Dialogue.

Tilottama Rajan  Baudrillard and Deconstruction.


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Rex Butler  Recapitulations In A Twilight Mode: Jean Baudrillard‘s The Perfect Crime and Paroxysm.

Rex Butler  Towards A Principle of Maximalism: Jean Baudrillard‘s Cool Memories.

Gerry Coulter  Terrorism: A Lesser Evil: Jean Baudrillard The Spirit of Terrorism and Requiem for the Twin Towers; Paul Virilio Ground Zero; and Slavoj Zizek Welcome To The Desert of the Real! Five Essays on September 11 and Similar Dates.

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