ISSN: 1705-6411

Volume 10, Number 2 (July 2013)


One should not be reconciled with one’s body, nor with oneself, one should not be reconciled with the other, one should not be reconciled with nature, one should not reconcile male and female, nor good and evil. Therein lies the secret of a strange attraction (Baudrillard, The Perfect Crime. New York: Verso, 1996:129-130).



Gerry Coulter. IJBS 10 Year’s On



Oguz Adanir. De La Modernite A L’Univers De Simulation: Karl Marx et Jean Baudrillard

Ryan Ashley Caldwell and Keith Kerr.  Smokescreens and Shadows: Depicting the Enemy Within

Mats Carlsson. Red Bull Stratos – At The Edge of the Obscene

Gerry Coulter. Bruce Chatwin: Fragments Found on the Road to Elsewhere

John Iliopoulos. Foucault, Baudrillard and the History of Madness

Niccolo Lollini. Internet Social Media: Baudrillard on the Web 2.0

Dan Oberg. The Disappearance of the Face: Servility and Social Media

Francesco Proto. Fatal Objects, Lacan In Baudrillard (Part II: The Third Simulation Stage, Post Modernity)


Book About Baudrillard

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. Introductory Chapter of: America Against China: Civilization Without Culture against Culture without Civilization?


Book Reviews

Maximiliano Korstanje. Review of Nicole Guidotti- Hernández (2011). Unspeakable Violence: Remapping US and Mexican National Imaginaries. Durham North Carolina: Duke University Press.

Maximiliano Korstanje. Review of Ervin Laszlo and Denis Kingsley (2013). Dawn of the Akashic Age. New consciousness, quantum resonance and the future of the world.  Rochester, New York: Inner Tradition.

Russell Manning. Review of Kim Toffoletti (2011). Baudrillard Reframed. New York: I.B. Tauris.

William Pawlett. Review of David B. Clarke, Marcus A. Doel, William Merrin and Richard G. Smith (Editors, 2009). Jean Baudrillard: Fatal Theories. London: Routledge.

Chidella Upendra. Review of Jacques Ranciere (2011). Althusser’s Lesson. London: Continuum. (Translated by Emiliano Battista).


From the Web. A Listing of Things ‘Baudrillard’ Roaming in Cyberspace.