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Volume 9, Number 1 (January 2012)

Jean Baudrillard – On The Web [2011]

1. Jean Baudrillard on Cultural Politics [Video, 2002]:

2. A Short Conversation With Jean Baudrillard [P. Timothy Gierschicwork]:

3. Baudrillard – A Graphic Guide [Book, Chris Horrocks]:

4. Encyclopaedia Britannica on Baudrillard:

5. Hyperrealism and the Philosophy of Jean Baudrillard:

6. Simulated Realites, Manipulated Perceptions [Caroline Jaine – Baudrillard and Pakistan]:

7. Web conversation: “Where does Baudrillard talk about the hyperreal with reference to dildo mounted cameras?”

8. Theo Shell-Lambert on Baudrillard’s Los Angeles:

9. “Being – Thinking – Writing Jean Baudrillard” [Rachel K. Ward, Jeremy Fernando, CTheory]:

10. भूमण्डलीय की हिंसा: ज्याँ बाँद्रिला [“On Global Violence” in Journal Pratilipi [Hindi]:

11. Baudrillard Redux -- A Special Issue of the Journal of Cultural Politics -- An International Journal. Volume 7, Number 3, November 2011. The entire issue is available for $58.45 (US) from:;jsessionid=1xbijiahe950w.victoria#issue






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