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IJBS Volume 9-1 (January, 2011)

“As far as I can remember I have never been unhappy, I find it impossible to be unhappy. This is a worse curse, a worse misfortune than any other… they speak to you about a world of misfortune of which you have no deep sense” (Baudrillard [2000] 2002:110). 


Lucian Freud. Against the Grain.


Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman. The Egyptian Revolution Did Not Take Place – On Live English Television coverage by Al Jazeera.      

Arne De Boever. Simondon and Baudrillard – Apoptosis in the High Tech Era.

Erin Holliday-Karre. From Production to Seduction – Women and Power in the Progressive Era.

Paul O’Mahoney. Klossowski’s Nietzsche and Baudrillard’s Concept of the Code.

Russell Manning. Jumping the Jaguar shark – Seduction and Steve Zissou.

Alex McVey. Baudrillard: Toward New Readings of Borges and Sexuality.

Mark S. Roberts. Brave New World Revisited – Again: The Unreal and the Real

Mel Salm. Mediation, Simulation, and the Large Hadron Collider.

Laura Smith. After Aesthetics – Art and Open Dialogue.

Book About Baudrillard

Kim Toffoletti. Chapter Four (“Screens”) of Baudrillard Reframed [I. B. Tauras Press, 2011].

Baudrillard on the Web [2011] Various web postings concerning Baudrillard.

Book Review: Maria Bostenaru Dan. The Singular Objects of Architecture ... Ten Years On...

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