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Volume 8, Number 1 (January 2011)

Baudrillard on the web

Gerry Coulter. “Simulation is not the Opposite of the Real – Jean Baudrillard on Simulation and Illusion” for NOEMA: An International Journal of Technology and Culture [posted October 23, 2010]

Gerry Coulter. “The Place of Marx in Contemporary Thought: The Case of Jean Baudrillard”. In Nebula, Volume 6, Number 4: 133-141, (December 2009). Also available at:

Gerry Coulter. “Baudrillard and Holderlin and the Poetic Resolution of the World”. In the journal: Nebula, Volume 5, Number 4, December 2008:145-164. This article is also available on the internet at:

Marc Estrin. “Baudrillard 1: The Genius of Baudrillard” The Rag Blog (June 29, 2010):

Marc Estrin. “Baudrillard 2: Postmodern democracy and the end of history” The Rag Blog (July 5, 2010):

The Galilean Library. Baudrillard (June 26, 2010).

Just Theory. A Website Devoted to News and Stories About Jean Baudrillard:

Quiet Babylon Website. “Baudrillard’s Patio”:

Alan Shapiro. "Jean Baudrillard and Consumer Objects." (scroll down); also available on this site: Rene Capovin's essay on Quai Branly entitled: "Beaubourg, Quai Branly, and the Simulacrum of Jean Baudrillard" (scroll down).

Anton Steinpilz. “Generation Bubble” (an essay on Facebook which draws on Baudrillard’s thought):

Unknown Author. “A Thread of Reality? - Hyper Reality and Film”:

George Walden. “Nowhere man” [David Cameron]. (28 June 2010):

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