IJBS Volume 8-1 (January 2011)

My idea is that the catastrophe has already happened, it’s here already. What interests me is precisely beyond the catastrophe, what I would call its hypertelia.  Catastrophe is acceleration, precipitation, excess, but not necessarily annihilation (Baudrillard Live, 1993:43).


Louise Bourgeois



Books By Baudrillard

Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? (pages 9-19)


Books About Baudrillard


Special Issue of Journals Devoted to Baudrillard


 Traverses Baudrillard Colloquium (Paris, September 17-18, 2010)

            Link: Audio recording of all papers presented

            Rex Butler. Jean Baudrillard’s Duality

Interview Concerning Baudrillard

Referencing Matters

Thesis Deploying Baudrillard's Thought

Steven Farry. Phenomenographic Hyperreality: Jean Baudrillard's Methodological Implications for Phenomenography


Book Reviews

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