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IJBS Volume 7-1 (January 2010)

“The world is a game” (Jean Baudrillard, Baudrillard Live. London: Routledge, 1993:46).

This Issue of IJBS is dedicated to Bruce Chatwin (d. 1989)



Robert S. McNamara – To Speak The Name of Evil



Thorsten Botz Bornstein. Baudrillard and Cuteness

Paul O. Mahoney. The Wanderer In A Shadow: Reading Nietzsche and the Problem of Nihilism After Baudrillard

Russell Manning. Taking Baudrillard to the Movies

Alan Shapiro. What is Cultural Citizenship?


Book Chapters About Baudrillard

Ryan Bishop and John Philips. What Is A Tank


Thesis Deploying Baudrillard’s Thought



Patrick Burton. Post-Yesterday’s Inspiration


On the Web

Baudrillard's Books – Available on the web

Wolfgang Schirmacher. Between Difference and Singularity: An open discussion with Jean Baudrillard


Review Essay

Gerry Coulter. The Conspiracy of Art (Illustrated)

Book Reviews

Victoria Z. Alexander. Preserving the Enigma – Mrs. Newton’s Photography:  A review of June Newton. Mrs. Newton: June Newton a.k.a Alice Springs. Köln: Taschen (2004)

Gerry Coulter. A Master Builder in a Virtual Age. A Review of Barbara Isenberg. Conversations with Frank Gehry. New York: Knopf (2009)

Carlos Eduardo Morreo. Philosophy’s Infancy: A Prolegomenon to Any Future Politics: A Review of Giorgio Agamben’s Infancy and History. Verso, 2007

Eric Repphun. Toward An Intellectually Respectable and Historically Responsible Atheism: A Review of Slavoj Žižek and John Milbank. The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? Edited by Creston Davis. New York: MIT Press, (2009)

Xiaochang Tong. The Spectrality of The Other: A review of Jean Baudrillard and Marc Guillaume. Radical Alterity. Semiotext(e) / MIT. (2008)


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