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It is said that without the media there would be no terrorism. And it is true that terrorism does not exist in itself as an original political act: it is the hostage of the media, just as they are hostage to it. There is no end to this chain of blackmail – everyone is the hostage of the other: this is the end of our so-called ‘social’ relation. Besides, there is another factor behind all of this, which is something like the womb of this circular blackmail: the masses, without which there would be neither media nor terrorism (Baudrillard, Fatal Strategies New York: Semiotext(e), 1993:43-44).

Reply to Zizek

Peter Singer and Paola Cavalieri. On Zizek and Animals


America ... Twenty Years On

Alan Shapiro. Re-Discovering the Baudreality of America

Gerry Coulter. America: The Future Form Of Our Collective Catastrophe


           Thorsten Botz-Bornstein. If Barbey d’Aurevilly had Known About Virtual            Reality: Dandyism Revisited

Caroline Heinrich. In Search of The Child’s Innocence

Paul O. Mahoney. Revisiting Symbolic Exchange: Baudrillard’s             Aristocratic Critique

Allen Mendenhall. Moundsville Penitentiary, Model and Symptom of     Hyperreality

Michael Rennett. Baudrillard and The Joe Schmo Show

Aurel Schmidt. Only Impossible Exchange Is Possible

Book Chapters About Baudrillard

           Alexandr Dyakov. Baudrillard, Gnosticism and Simulation


Chris Miller. Disparity

From the Web

           Marcia Langton. Real Change For Real People

           Richard Catlett Wilkerson. Baudrillard and Dreams

Book Reviews

           Victoria Z. Alexander. The Obese Art Book: A Double Review of 30,000            Years of Art and Andy Warhol Giant

           Gerry Coulter. Art After Duchamp – A Review of Eleanor Heartney Art            Today London: Phaidon, 2008

           Gary Genosko. Commodity Pessimism – A Review of Paul A. Taylor and            Jan LI. Harris. Critical Theories of Mass Media: Then and Now, 2008.

Film Review

           Gerry Coulter. Baudrillard and the Inhuman in the “More Human Than            Human” A Review of [Episode 1 or 5] Francis Wateley (Producer and            Director) How Art Made The World. London: BBC and Los Angles KCET TV.            DVD (290 minutes), 2006 (Dr. Nigel Spivey host and narrator).


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