Links to Other Obituaries for Baudrillard

Julian Baggini. “The Shadow of His former Self” The Guardian (March 7, 2007):

BBC News. “French sociologist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard has died aged 77 at his home in Paris following a long illness”.

Christian Delacampagne. “Jean Baudrillard est mort”. Le Monde (March 8, 2007):,1-0@2-3382,36-879957@51-879918,0.html

Patricia Cohen. “Jean Baudrillard, 77, Critic and Theorist of Hyperreality, Dies” New York Times:

The Economist. “Jean Baudrillard, philosopher of consumerism, died on March 6th, aged 77”. March 15, 2007:

Mike Gane. “Jean Baudrillard: Postmodernist provocateur and cultural theorist who blamed consumerism for destroying reality” London Times (March 7, 2007):

International Herald Tribune. “Jean Baudrillard, French critic and questioner of reality”.

Arthur Kroker. “The Spirit of Jean Baudrillard – In Memoriam (1929-2007)”. CTheory:

Sylvere Lotringer. In conversation with BBC Radio 4’s “The Last Word”.

Scott Mc Lemee. “Remember Baudrillard” Inside Higher Education (March 14, 2007):

Robert Maggiori. “Jean Baudrillard au-delŕ du reel: Le sexe, le langage, les signes, la marchandise, la guerre ... Rien n'a échappé aux analyses paradoxales du sociologue, mort hier ŕ 77 ans”. Liberation, March 7, 2007:

Steven Poole. “Jean Baudrillard: Philosopher and sociologist who blurred the boundaries between reality and simulation”. Guardian Unlimited (March 7, 2007):,,2028464,00.html

Richard M. Prouty. Jean Baudrillard est mort. One Way Street (March 13, 2007):

Alf Rehn. En teoretisk brĺkstake ur led med tiden. In Under Strecht, March 9, 2007 (In Swedish):

The Daily Telegraph (London). “Jean Baudrillard” (March 8, 2007):

Elaine Woo. “Jean Baudrillard 77; kept sharp eye on blurry reality” Los Angeles Times.,1,201537.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

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